Feat’s Grand Opening: From Socks to Santa Monica

Last week (6/30/22) we hopped over to Santa Monica, California, to celebrate the grand opening of Feat’s flagship store with co-founders Taylor Offer and Parker Burr, and the rest of the Feat family and friends.

The event was awesome. Music, tacos, drinks, a little ribbon cutting, and our favorite…Feat sweaters. You can check out the recap on Feat’s Instagram.

It all started with socks

Taylor and Parker started Feat Clothing 7 years ago in their dorm room at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with socks. The two of them would drive around buying up all the white Nike socks they could find from the local TJ Maxx and Marshalls, find fun tropical patterns online, and heat press them onto the socks.

Original Feat sock with pineapple print

Eventually, they moved on from socks to other clothing and decided they wanted to create clothes that you could feel great wearing every day, whether working, lounging or heading out for a jog—clothing at the intersection of comfort, style, and versatility.

The Feat flagship store

Now, after 7 years of developing the softest proprietary fabrics and dozens of collaborations with lifestyle influencers, they’re opening their first brick-and-mortar store. And it’s more than just a place to pop in and buy clothes.

This experimental space feels more about community than retail. With cold brew on tap at the coffee bar and free guest WiFi, Feat welcomes everyone to hang out and work from their cozy spot in the heart of Santa Monica. The upstairs yoga studio doubles as an event space for live music, art shows and other community gatherings.

Taylor credits the support they’ve received over the years, and particularly key investments and belief from communities like Sweater. Hit the video below for a special message from Taylor to the Sweater community.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles, check out their store, say hello to Taylor, and maybe pick up a comfy sweater.

This is just the beginning of a brand leading a transformation in the culture around how we dress for the day. We’re looking forward to seeing more Feat stores open across the country as Taylor, Parker, and the Feat team redefine what it means to be comfortable.

How you can invest in Feat

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