The Spool: June 2023 - 🧵 Investing in Success

Get excited, we have a great edition of The Spool in store for you this month - it's a 5-minute read. 

In June’s edition:

  • Meet the Founders of Hikerkind, Koope & Fila Manila
  • Exciting updates from Pear Suite, IQBAR and Havenly 
  • Virtual Events
  • New Funding Methods

So let's dive in! 

But First…

Accreditation rules have historically barred retail investors access to venture capital. 

But in today's world, with the abundance of information, technological advancements, and educational resources available, we should be active participants in building the future economy and have the opportunity to build our own wealth while we do it.

You are the future of finance. 

You get to call the shots now. 

And we want to know what that means to you. What does it mean to you to be able to invest in venture capital for as little as $500

Founder Spotlight

Meet Barnburner x FounderMade Finalists

As the first cause-driven, skincare basics brand, Nadia Porter founded Koope from the belief that skincare shouldn't be complicated and should never include known sensitizing or toxic ingredients. After suffering a severe reaction to a luxury skincare brand in her 30s, Nadia used her background as an esthetician to develop a skincare brand that is effective without common sensitizers. With ingredients like organic cucumber extract, kiwi extract, grape seed oil and prebiotics, it's no wonder why Koope products have been featured in WWD, BuzzFeed, People and Elle, and described as "Happy Hour … for your face! 🥂" by one happy client. To learn more about Nadia's incredible story and Koope, click here to open the app.

Jake Deleon, Founder of Fila Manila, is a first-generation Filippino American Immigrant who was born in the Philippines and raised in New Jersey. His love of cooking comes from growing up cooking alongside his mom and grandma. Jake created Fila Manila to bring approachable, accessible and authentic Filipino flavors to everyone. And he’s succeeded with one happy customer sharing Fila Manila “tastes just like home” and another sharing “the flavors here rival anything from the best chefs. Complex and dopamine-rewarding.” According to Jake, Fila Manila is a culmination of his family’s heritage, career experience, and love of creating. To learn more about Jake’s amazing story and Fila Manila, click here to open the app.

With extensive backgrounds in fashion, Allison Levy and Chelsea Rizzo started Hikerkind to create a line of hiking clothing that actually fits a woman’s figure and is available in more modern, neutral colors. Wanting to look like yourself on a trail doesn't make you any less of a hiker. And Hikerkind is making good-looking gear for all kinds of hikers with one customer sharing “I feel so beautiful in this, which is not a way I normally feel in layers of sportywares“ and another raving about “the thoughtful design”. Their design-driven exploration essentials can take you from the sidewalk to the trail and have been featured in Vogue, The Cut, Gear Patrol and Thrillist. To learn more about their inspirational story and Hikerkind, click here to open the app. Oh and don’t miss their next Hike Club hike in your area!

Port Co’s in the Wild




Barnburner x FounderMade 

Now until June 9th 3PT

It’s back! And better than ever. Head to the app to watch the Top 3 Finalists pitch for a $250,000 investment and then cast your vote for who you think should be the next Cashmere Fund port co. The choice is yours. 

Startup Equity Matters: Startup Investing Is Not Just For The Rich

On-Demand Podcast

Listen to Startup Equity Matter’s host Jason Atkins and Sweater’s Cash Allred as they dive into the different ways people can access startup investing as well as what's unique about Sweater. Cash shares some awesome insights into how changing who invests impacts what gets funded. Check it out here

How to Plan for Personal Success, Protection and a Successful Exit as a Founder

Thursday, June 22

12:00 PM MDT

We’ve partnered with a team of Bernstein experts who specialize in advising founders and entrepreneurs on structure and planning to discuss strategies, considerations and tools available to maximize your value at any stage of your business. To view more founder events hosted by Sweater, click here

The Takeaway

Barnburner was created to empower startups to tell their stories and give you a say in shaping the future of great companies. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Pull up a chair and take your seat at the table. Open the Sweater app right now to vote for the startup you think should win a $250,000 investment and join the Cashmere Fund. 

One Last Thing

Say goodbye to transaction fees! The rumors are true. Those pesky transaction fees are a thing of the past. Open the app to see for yourself

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August 30, 2023
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