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Join our Scout Network to be a part of discovering and supporting world-class startups and founders.

Sweater Scout Network Mission

Not only is Sweater democratizing VC for investors, but for those who find the best opportunities. We want everyone to have a stake in finding the next generation of world-class startups. As we strive to revolutionize the entire VC ecosystem for the better, our Scout Network will play a vital role in the ongoing support we provide to founders and our portfolio companies.

What you'll do

The scout program invites qualified members of our community to work directly with Sweater and other scouts on a regular basis.
Scouts forge meaningful relationships with founders and industry experts, and find new companies to introduce to the Sweater venture team.

Value Alignment

Value for Scouts
• Education, learning, and exposure to venture through other Scouts and Sweater

• Enhance network across industries, geographies, and the venture space as a whole

Value for Sweater
• Find more and higher-quality deals

• Receive a well-rounded perspective to address internal blind spots and bias

• Allow others to join Sweater’s vision of democratizing VC and changing the future of venture
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Scout Profile

Our scouts share the common passion of building companies, creating community, and supporting founders. Here are some (but not all) of the profiles that make a great scout:
Current company founders
Angel investors
Advisors, mentors, and consultants
Advertising, marketing, design, and other creatives
Industry experts
VC, accelerator, and incubator employees
University professors and researchers

Frequently Asked Questions

What geographies does Sweater invest in?
Sweater is currently focused on deploying capital in the US and Canada.
How many hours a week must I commit?
Our scouts follow a flexible, weekly cadence. None of our scouts currently do this full-time. You will set your own commitment in the application process.

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Join our Scout Network to be a part of discovering and supporting world-class startups and founders.
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