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Revolutions don’t start overnight, but they can build momentum fast. We’re building a first-of-its-kind investing application with the mission to accelerate generational wealth creation for all investors.

Who we are

We’re building a first-of-its-kind investing platform that democratizes access to the exclusive world of venture capital. Our vision is to pool money from millions of regular people into a world-class venture fund, wisely deploying that capital into startups that shape the world we live in.We believe everyone deserves equal access to venture investing opportunities, and it’s our mission to accelerate generational wealth creation for everyday investors, accredited or not.

We believe in sewing a “Close Knit” community that brings investors, founders and the companies they’re building closer together. Every founder should be able to build their vision, and every person should be able to support the startups that shape the world we live in.

With world-class investors behind us, we’re growing fast and have a lot of work to do. We need revolutionaries to help us lay the foundation as we forge a new era of venture capital. Sound like something you can get behind? Let’s talk.

What it means to be a Stitch

Yes, we call Sweater team members Stitches. A sweater grows stronger with every knit, every stitch. We treat each other as equals and lean on one another as family. Our team is built on trust and transparency at all levels, and we believe in the freedom to fail because that’s how we grow and how great products are built. We’re self-motivated and autonomous, always defaulting to action, but we know when to ask for help. We lead with empathy and follow with gratitude and compassion.
The Sweater Team

Perks & Benefits

Flexible and remote working culture. Big focus on family and community
Paid parental leave
Unlimited PTO ( 2 week minimum)
Medical, dental, and vision insurance plans
Quarterly company events
The opportunity to shape the culture of Sweater as we grow!
Currently no open roles available.
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