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Our story

The Sweater Team
CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Randall originally set out to raise a traditional venture fund, but immediately raised an eyebrow at the accredited investor requirement. Is that really still necessary? Our team is hell-bent on leveling the playing field and reinventing venture capital to reach its maximum potential. That starts by creating a venture capital fund that anyone can invest in.

Our vision

Sweater’s vision is to pool money from millions of regular people into a world-class venture fund, wisely deploying that capital into startups that shape the world we live in. Every founder should be able to build their vision, and every person should be able to support the startups that create the next generation of influence and wealth.
The Sweater Team

Meet the team

Jesse Randall

CEO & Founder

Emma Clark


Jaron Jones


Cara Morphew

Managing Partner

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Access the world's most exclusive asset class with the Sweater app. Download Sweater and take your seat at the new VC table where you can invest in groundbreaking startups shaping the future.