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Powering Public VC Funds

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Sweater’s platform allows partners to raise venture capital funds from both accredited and non-accredited retail investors.

Sweater has shaped the future of venture capital

We've spent the last 5 years unlocking the VC asset class for retail investors. Now we are doing the same for those looking to tap into their own communities and give their audience courtside seats to investing in startups.

How is a Public VC fund different from a traditional VC fund?



Unlimited number of investors

Limited number of LPs

No accreditation requirement

Accredited investors only

Evergreen (no fixed end date)

7-10 year lifespan

Controlled liquidity options

Little to no liquidity options

No minimum to invest

LP check size often >$500,000

Modern investing experience

Limited electronic infrastructure

Launch a Public VC Fund to your own community

Sweater offers turnkey fund management, from fund launch to full fund operations, using our modern tech stack and APIs to seamlessly unlock venture capital access for  the mass retail market.

Leverage our all-in-one solution from capital raising to capital deployment


Sweater helps you design a Public VC fund specific for your audience and manages the registration and regulation on your behalf.


Easily raise capital from investors with our customized investor portal or launch in your own app using Sweater’s APIs.


Sweater acts as your operational partner to manage compliance, tax, audit, valuation and investor relations at scale.

Sweater’s investor app provides a seamless web-based investing experience for your community.  

Sweater’s partner manager portal allows partners to actively manage performance.


Will my fund be hosted on Sweater’s platform or can we whitelabel it?
Think of this as a Fund as a Service. Sweater offers a wide range of options. Whether you want to launch a fund with Sweater, powered by Sweater, or just offer one of our funds to your community, we have you covered with a tailored solution.
Is this fund structure taking advantage of any loopholes?
What types of partners are a good fit for the partner fund program?
What do you look for in a qualified partner?
At this time, we are exploring opportunities with partners anticipating raising a fund with $50M AUM through their own active community of non-accredited and/or accredited investors. Crucial to note, within this fund structure you are not limited to a certain number of investors and are able to market the fund. 
How long does it take to launch a public VC fund?

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