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Unleash Your Community's Potential

Effortlessly launch your own venture fund to retail investors using Sweater's proven platform.

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Sweater has shaped the future of venture capital

We've spent the last 5 years unlocking the VC asset class for retail investors. Now we are doing the same for those looking to tap into their own communities and give their audience courtside seats to investing in startups.

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Launch a Public VC Fund to your own community

For the last few decades, retail investors have been locked out of the Venture Capital asset class. Sweater fixed that. Now, retail investors can invest directly in Public VC Funds through your partnership.

Why launch a fund with Sweater?


We’re experts in the space and have proven the model.

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Focus on your community and founders; we’ll handle the back-office work.

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Leverage the impact retail investors can have on startups.

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How is a Public VC fund different from traditional VC funds?

There’s no difference in the types of companies you can invest in. Instead of being limited to 99 investors like traditional funds, now you can have an unlimited number of investors!

Open to all

Anyone can invest in your fund, not just accredited investors.

Low buy-ins

Buy-ins as little as $500 versus the $100,000+ traditional funds demand.

Semi-annual liquidity

Semi-annual liquidity options versus the 7-10 year lock-up of typical funds.


Will my fund be hosted on Sweater’s platform or can we whitelabel it?
Sweater offers a wide range of options. Whether you want to launch a fund with Sweater, powered by Sweater, or just offer one of our funds to your community, we have you covered.
Is this fund structure taking advantage of any loopholes?
What types of partners are a good fit for the partner fund program?
How long does it take to launch a public VC fund?

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