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SaaS market leader powering the world’s credentials.


Accredible, market leader in the digital credentialing space, provides higher education institutions, certification providers, professional associations, corporate training organizations, and LXPs (learning experience platforms) with the tools they need to create robust credentialing programs.

Their vision is to host the world’s credentials and become the world’s first truly verifiable repository of human capital. They have issued 50 million credentials to date and recently launched Accredible Recommendations, a product to inform learners about relevant educational opportunities and provide expected ROI of those opportunities to issuers. This launch propels Accredible from only issuing digital credentials to becoming a true partner in educational and career pathways.


Hundreds of thousands of educational, technical, and credentialing institutions are rewarding their students’ achievements with a piece of paper or a PDF. Accredible’s technology modernizes the experience for these institutions by issuing secure, verifiable credentials digitally and making it easy for users to access and share their credentials in a digital world.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Traction and growth: Accredible has proven they can win the land grab as institutions move to digital credentials. They have issued over 48m credentials to 12.1m recipients and are serving over 1,779 customers including Harvard, Google, ETS, Toyota, and more. Their sales process has been dialed in to the point we feel confident in their ability to continue explosive growth into the future.
  • Large market with positive tailwinds: There are hundreds of thousands of universities, technology companies, professional associations, and credentialing bodies with the need to issue millions of new credentials every year. The opportunity to digitize this process represents a $6b+ market with their current product alone.
  • Future opportunities: Accredible’s mission is to change how education is measured - beyond the GPA. For recipients, Accredible’s growing database will one day give users the power to discover and chart their educational course in a data-backed way. For issuers, Accredible will use their near-perfect customer retention and relationships to build new products for their educational efforts, multiplying Accredible’s growth potential.
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