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Sustainable medicine system that’s better for you and our planet.


Cabinet Health’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic from healthcare, starting with high-quality prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • 194 billion plastic medicine bottles are produced each year, and only 3-7% of those are recycled. Cabinet’s proprietary medical supply chain and packaging is the first refillable, backyard compostable packaging system in pharmaceuticals. Cabinet Health has spent ~5 years developing and commercializing this product system and is currently focused on growing the business across 3 pillars:
  • Cabinet OTCs: 15 OTC medicines in a sustainable, refillable system available at CVS, Amazon, Grove, Cabinethealth.com, and another national retailer launching in Q4 2023
  • Cabinet RX: 200+ prescriptions medicines without the plastic, sold directly to consumers via Cabinet Health’s digital health platform
  • Cabinet Sustainable Healthcare Solutions: transitioning large pharmaceutical companies away from plastic faster, powered by Cabinet. Customers include McKesson, the largest pharma distributor in the world.
Why Sweater Invested
  • Team experience matches with the key variables of the business: Achal and Russell are strategic, scrappy, and mission-driven founders who have built the foundational platform and IP of sustainable medicine. Other team members have strong CPG experience at omni-channel startups like Harry’s.
  • Time to take their product mainstream: Cabinet is rolling out to 711 CVS stores and another national retailer later this year. Given that 80% of people buy their OTC medication in retail, this represents a massive opportunity to grow the business with customers who would resonate with Cabinet’s mission.
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