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The next great American brand featuring apparel, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.


Frances Valentine is a modern American lifestyle brand featuring apparel, handbags, shoes, and jewelry. FV offers products through an omnichannel approach, including e-commerce, owned retail, trunk shows, and carefully selected retail partners. The company celebrates personal style creating joy- sparking, vintage-inspired modern pieces.


Back in 2016, co-founders (and best friends) Elyce Arons and Kate Spade launched Frances Valentine, following their wildly successful foray into fashion with the one-and-only Kate Spade. You can think of Frances Valentine as the next chapter in a journey - a continuation of the legendary style for which the founders are known and loved. “We believe personal style is a mood-boosting, conversation-sparking, confidence-building celebration of a life well-lived”.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Industry-leading and Passionate Founders: Kate, Andy, and Elyce are some of the most prominent designers in fashion, having founded the iconic Kate Spade brand and developed it into a global brand before selling the company to Neiman Marcus. After a several year hiatus, the friends founded Frances Valentine, a brand that evolves their singular brand vision.  FV’s brand ethos, networks, design philosophy and go-to-market strategy, have led to a strong revenue trajectory that has mimicked Kate Spade’s growth, adjusting for inflation. Following the loss of Kate in 2018, Elyce has built on the core team bringing in industry veteran, Margaret Spencer, as President and Chief Strategy Officer, demonstrating the company’s commitment to turn Frances Valentine into a major American brand.
  • Owning a Piece of the Next Great American Brand: The market is ripe for a fresh American brand and Frances Valentine has the traction and branding to capture the consumer’s heart. The team has successfully developed a joyful, differentiated style that is uniquely American, and has cultivated a loyal and high-value customer base in the over-40 segment leading to impressive growth from both new and retained customers.

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Curate Capital, Break Trail Ventures, Angel investors

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