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Industry disrupting touchscreen device for social gaming.


The Last Gameboard is the company behind “Gameboard”, an industry disrupting touchscreen device for social gaming. The product features a custom OS, patented novel and sophisticated methods of integrating physical game pieces, shapes and hand gestures, and a best-in-class development. The company built the Gameboard to provide an enhancement to physical tabletop games where possible and to do so with maximum benefit and minimum compromise.


Founder and CEO, Shail Mehta, started the company with just an idea in 2018 and actually mortgaged her house to get it off the ground. She very quickly proved her ability to recruit top-tier talent and establish meaningful partnerships with giant video game developers and notable investors. Gameboard is now at an inflection point with an upcoming beta close and will soon be in-market with their commercial launch.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Macro Tailwinds Behind Tabletop Gaming: Tabletop games are both resurging to the mainstream and starting to dramatically shift towards digital enablement. The overall tabletop market reached $12BN in 2018 and has grown at a 9% CAGR since. Even a formerly fringe hobby game like Dungeons and Dragons has seen dramatic growth with more than 40M people now playing it worldwide and recent sales doubling YoY over the last few consecutive years. Further, more tabletop games are being played online, allowing for unprecedented scale and penetration - the traffic to the chess.com website roughly doubled in the first half of 2020 to 94M monthly visitors. Additionally, tabletop gaming is one of the last categories in which a digital medium has not emerged, like in the cases of Kindle for reading and the Gameboy for handheld gaming, but adoption on those form factors was expedient, which is why we believe Gameboard is emerging at a pivotal time in the intersection of these trends, enabling it to own and be the one-stop-shop for the digital revolution of tabletop gaming.
  • Passionate and Devoted Team and Advisors Leading with Product: Not only has Co-Founder and CEO, Shail Mehta, demonstrated an impressive ability to attract talent but she has also brought in strategic and influential investors and advisors such as Riot Games and SOSV/HAX. She has crossed multiple challenges to launch including IP protection, game developer onboarding, and securing key manufacturing relationships.
Other Active Investors

Riot Games, The Venture City, Behind Genius Fund, Conscience VC, and SOSV/HAX

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