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Digital touchscreen designed to replace the traditional family bulletin board.

Leave the bulletin board behind.


Hearth Display is an intuitive digital touchscreen that replaces family bulletin boards. Its automatic syncing & task management simplifies organization to keep families connected.


Hearth’s vision is to build a more equitable future for families by leveraging technology. The mental load of family organization is hard, time-consuming, and 8x more likely to fall on women (even with two working parents). Hearth’s digital bulletin board creates a more efficient family management system through an automated text-based assistant, consolidated family scheduling features, task management and routine builders. Hearth’s solution both frees up time spent on manual tasks and creates a more dispersed workload across all family members.

Why Sweater Invested

Massive market opportunity: Hearth Display presents an exciting investment opportunity in the booming $122 billion household management market. With a digital whiteboard and task manager that features a 27-inch color display, Hearth is poised to revolutionize the way families organize their lives. The team’s successful Indiegogo pre-order campaign, which sold out with over 1,200 units, highlights the strong demand for their innovative product. Moreover, their product-led growth strategy is set to drive user adoption and capitalize on network effects by incentivizing families to share calendars across all stakeholders (i.e. friends, teams, school, etc).

Top Tier Team and Advisors: The founding team at Hearth Display is nothing short of impressive, with nearly three decades of experience across growth, product, and operations in the startup ecosystem. Hearth’s CEO, Mei Lin Ng, has successfully carried two startups through acquisition and most recently ran North American operations at Knotel. Head of Growth, Susie Harrison, has a decade of experience in acquisition strategy with previous work as Chief Growth Officer at Find Your Grind, and Head of Product, Nathalie Stratton, brings design expertise from product roles at Knotel, AptDeco, and Goldman Sachs. Additionally, the team has assembled an impressive group of strategic advisors, including Melissa Baird, COO at Hims & Hers, Kristie D’Ambrosio-Correlli, CTO at Mirror, and Jenny Fleiss, Co-founder of Rent the Runway. With such an impressive lineup of talent, Hearth Display is poised for great success.

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