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Recruiting platform aligning incentives of hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants.


IsoTalent is a recruiting platform aligning incentives of internal hiring managers, external recruiters, and applicants. Their hourly-rate recruiting model puts candidates in the driver’s seat - where they will never be ghosted - and saves enterprises up to 70% compared to traditional recruiting firms. Additionally, their global talent offering allows firms to source, hire, onboard, pay, and manage global talent on a single platform.

  • IsoTalent’s traction to date has been impressive. Within 3 short years, they have served over 200 companies and are on track to add over a hundred new customers in the next year alone.
  • IsoTalent’s founding team has both the domain and startup expertise to succeed. With decades of experience investing in startups as a Venture Capitalist, Paul Ahlstrom (CEO) understands how to leverage Sweater’s investment to maximize growth and avoid pitfalls. Robb Lifferth (COO) and Austin Miller (CRO) bring their history in recruiting and talent management to the table, both for early and growth-stage companies.
Why Sweater Invested
  • The Great Resignation: The great resignation has changed the narrative of candidate expectations. Hiring managers can no longer keep up on their own, moving too slowly on quality candidates and “ghosting” others. IsoTalent’s platform of technology, flexible recruiting, and global support gives hiring managers access to candidates previously out of reach.
  • The hourly model fixes a broken system: IsoTalent’s hourly model enables clients of all sizes to amplify their own internal hiring manager with external IsoTalent recruiters, scaling with the company and solving the challenges of intense hiring phases.
  • IsoTalent is creating a powerful candidate flywheel: In the hiring process, there are on average 28 qualified candidates in the recruiters pipeline by the time they fill the role. IsoTalent’s platform captures the remaining 27 applicants and matches them with the next set of open positions in the IsoTalent ecosystem. As this data flywheel grows, the hiring managers get better candidates faster, and the candidates find the perfect role for them without being lost in the process.

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