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Robotic, minimally-invasive device curing Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM).

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Lazzaro Medical has developed a robotic, minimally-invasive surgery and device that cures Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM). TBM is a common disease where the throat collapses and causes difficulty breathing, chronic cough, & recurring infections. Previously, patients could only be treated for TBM with a very invasive procedure described as “worse than the disease itself”. With Lazzaro, TBM patients can have hope of recovery and a return to a normal life.


It is estimated that over 6.5m Americans suffer from Tracheobroncomalacia (TMB). Lazzaro Medical uses small incisions and robotics to install their Tracheal Scaffold System to support and repair the trachea & bronchial tubes. Think of the Tracheal Scaffold System as an exoskeleton for the trachea, opening the airway and curing the patient of TBM. Lazzaro Medical has also began R&D on other devices that will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many Thoracic conditions, including TBM.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Primed for launch and growth: Lazzaro has already gained the attention of 16 key opinion leaders in thoricic surgery and trained them in this new procedure. This will allow Lazzaro to streamline adoption in hospital systems and kickstart use of their device. From there, Lazzaro has partnered with Intuitive Surgical to scale surgeon training across the country in Intuitive’s robotic training facilities.
  • Line of sight from approval to acquisition: Lazzaro’s team has extensive experience with the FDA process and device acquisitions. Dawn Bitz (CDO) worked in acquistions at both Vyaire and Medtronic. Peter Wehrly (CEO) worked as a SVP at Medtronic and led two other medical device companies who were acquired. Other investors, including Northwell Health, show the potential acquisition appetite from healthcare systems & device manufacturers for this technology.

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Exclusive Sweater Perk:

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6.5 million people in the US suffer from TBM
510k FDA regulatory process is underway
$32 billion market opportunity
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