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The brand bringing millennials and gen z back to wine.


Nomadica offers a sommelier-curated collection of premier canned wines through both direct-to-consumer and wholesale/retail. They are based out of Los Angeles, but they source their wine blends from exclusive vineyards domestically and internationally. They have 5 core taste profiles - red, white, rose, sparkling white, and sparkling rose - constantly available on their website and additional limited time releases.


Founder and CEO, Kristin Olszewski, is a Harvard Med School dropout turned sommelier, which probably makes her one of the most interesting founders we have talked with to-date. She entered the restaurant industry after dropping out and worked across notable restaurant groups like Mozza and Husk as a sommelier before starting Nomadica. She brings a wealth of experience across sustainability and viticulture to the canned wine market, evident in Nomadica’s thoughtful and tasteful offerings.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Founder-Product Fit: Kristin has stayed true to her passion for sustainability throughout and has merged it with her love for wine in her mission to eliminate the carbon-intensive production costs of glass bottles with cans. Her years as a sommelier honed her ability in delivering consistent taste profiles that do not rely on singular vineyards as she drove product-led sales and focused on building a community of loyal customers.
  • Strategic Sweater Value-Add: We believe we can provide strategic growth marketing value to Nomadica with our community as they offer a compelling and sustainable alternative to wine bottles that is attractive to our consumer universe. 
  • Differentiated Sales Strategy: On top of a strong DTC network, Nomadica has demonstrated considerable growth with a strong on-premise strategy at premium locations like W Hotels, the Surf Lodge, and LiveNation’s venues. 
Other Active Investors
  • Lunch Partners, Rose Culinary Ventures, Pasadena Angels, Jackalope Ventures, Simple Food Ventures.

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