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Parallel is a next-generation skin health company providing effective, targeted solutions powered by microbiome science, genomics, and machine learning. With Parallel Health, consumers and patients can access best-in-class expertise and clinical guidance, a personalized genomic assessment to understand their skin microbiome, as well as personalized, targeted microbiome skincare products and prescriptions.


Founders, Natalise Kalea Robinson and Dr. Nathan Brown, bring years of extensive marketing and scientific experience to the skincare industry. Natalise brings a strong marketing and branding background having built communities in the past as a former founder and has served in brand and marketing leadership roles across multiple companies like CUDDLY, Octave, and most recently as VP of Brand Marketing at Ellis Day Skin Science. Dr. Nathan Brown is the brains behind the technology with a PhD in Microbiology and has been involved in cutting-edge developments in microbiome skincare treatments. He was previously funded by the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust building microbiome solutions for bacterial illness.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Founder-Market Fit: Natalise and Nathan are at the forefront of introducing genomic solutions to everyday skincare problems and we believe the two of them combined can offer a truly differentiated and personalized product that consumers want and need. Their extensive backgrounds give strong credibility in tackling the biggest challenges in the space – branding and scientific development – while demonstrating a deep understanding of consumer demands.
  • Signs of Demand: The team has demonstrated an ability to execute and capture demand through their 17k Instagram followers (page started on February 19, 2021) and 3,000 waitlist members. They’ve successfully done this with nearly $0 spent on marketing - one third of their waitlist was generated through just a 24-hour ad campaign.
  • Strategic Sweater Value-Add: We believe we can bring strategic value add to Parallel Health with our community as we believe people want targeted and effective skincare that’s accessible and affordable.

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Exclusive Sweater Perk:

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Honored by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in the Health Category
A part of Stanford’s StartX accelerator
An alum of the Illumina Accelerator, global leader in genomic sequencing
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