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Marketplace connecting international shoppers with travelers for delivery.


Shappi is a logistics and shipping platform designed to connect international shoppers with travelers to deliver products by renting the traveler's unused luggage space. The company's platform empowers Latin American consumers to obtain delivery of their U.S. products in a faster, affordable, and more reliable way by connecting them to Verified Travelers returning from the U.S. to their destination.


Karla Valdivieso is a Latina entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Shappi. For more than 10 years, Karla has been heavily involved in the startup ecosystem in LatAm and has focused on the future of logistics via emerging markets. As an individual who has lived between Ecuador and the U.S., Karla has personally faced the struggle of international shipping and has a unique insight into the logistic behaviors of LatAm residents. For this very reason, Karla has made it her mission to make LatAm a better place by creating new economies specifically targeted to improve international logistics.

Why Sweater Invested
  • Strong Founder-Market Fit: Shappi Founder and CEO, Karla Valdivieso, has a proven entrepreneurial track record having started KOMLEP, a product factory in Ecuador). Throughout these experiences, she has remained deeply connected to the LatAm ecosystem, building a competitive understanding of the obstacles surrounding international logistics. Further, Karla has recruited an impressive team around her, with backgrounds working at competitors covering key product areas like operations, development, and marketing.
  • Innovation in Travelogistics: Shappi is tapping into a large market, with substantial white space, at the intersection of consumer demand and international logistics. The team is capitalizing on touchpoints that already exist between travelers, products, and their home countries with simplified logistics, technology, and trust. This creates a substantial growth opportunity with an innovative step forward in the developing ecosystem around travelogistics.

Other Active Investors

Sixers Innovation Lab, Concrete Rose Capital, Brickyard, Ganas Ventures, Iterative Venture, and Gaingels

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