The Spool: August 2023 - 🧵 Parallel Health & Other Events

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In August's edition:

  • Meet the Founder of Parallel Health
  • Exciting updates from our portfolio companies 
  • Virtual Events

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But First…

Venture capital can ignite innovation, empower entrepreneurs and drive positive societal change while also historically yielding impressive returns. But groundbreaking ideas and technology take time to build and disrupt the industries they impact. Because of this, investing in Venture should be looked at as a 5-10 year investment horizon. 

This long-term investment horizon gives startups the time they desperately need to grow from a handful of employees to a booming business ready to exit, with the potential to offer remarkable returns to early investors. We’re looking at you Airbnb, Workday, Slack, Microsoft, Google, Uber, WhatsApp, Venmo, Square... you get the gist. But let's dive into what that means. 

Just take a look at WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $22B. The only investor in WhatsApp was Sequoia Capital, whose $60M investment over two rounds turned into $3B in just three years. 

Then there is Workday, which earned VC investor Greylock Partners a 9x return when Workday made its IPO in 2012. They first invested in 2005. 

We can't forget Google, whose IPO earned Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins a 300x return in just five years

VC as an asset class traditionally falls within the long-term time horizon. This is important to factor in when developing an investment strategy that includes Venture Capital, as it can help you align your investment goals with your risk tolerance and time frame for achieving those goals. According to Prequin, early-stage venture investments have a track record of outperforming the S&P, Russell 2000, Real Estate, and Private Debt, proving the potency of VC's mid-term approach.

Investors with a longer time horizon may be willing to take on more risk in their investments, as they have more time to recover from any potential losses, whereas, investors with a shorter time horizon may be more conservative in their investment approach, focusing on safer investments that are less likely to fluctuate in value. 

The beauty of venture capital lies in its capacity to foster innovation, create a positive impact on society and provide diversification across multiple time horizons for your investing strategy.  

Founder Spotlight

Natalise Kalea Robinson is the co-founder & CEO of Parallel Health, a visionary company specializing in microbiome testing for personalized skin solutions. Collaborating with her co-founder, Dr. Nathan Brown, they developed a groundbreaking product line based on the belief that precision and personalization is the future. 

Natalise’s biggest struggle has been defying societal expectations and finding confidence despite not fitting the conventional mold. Growing up with a passion for singing and songwriting, she overcame rejection to become a signed recording artist during her time at Stanford University. Overcoming societal expectations and barriers, she became a founder who continues to fearlessly pursue her goals. Her parents, immigrants from Myanmar, instilled in her the values of grit, resourcefulness, resilience and hard work.

Natalise's determination to embrace her true self and advocate for precision and personalization fuels Parallel Health's success which has earned her Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Inspiring Healthcare Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023. Her journey serves as an inspiration for innovation and empowerment in the world of healthcare.

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Port Co’s in the Wild


  • We’re thrilled for a momentous launch, EarlyBird 2.0! EarlyBird is delivering on their original vision of “community-based investing” by deeply integrating a social and emotional experience into their best-in-class wealth platform for all families. Check out more details on EarlyBird 2.0 here
  • Let’s give a warm welcome to our two newest port co’s, Guest House and Cabinet Health! Each is poised to disrupt their respective industries and we couldn’t be more excited to have them join the Cashmere Fund! Click here to read more about our portfolio companies on our website, or click into the company’s page in the Portfolio section of the Sweater app if you're on mobile. And be on the lookout for exciting new port co announcements coming very soon. 



The Cashmere Fund: Q2 2023 Quarter in Review

Tuesday, August 15th 

12:30 PM MDT

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Colorado Startup Community Coworking Day!

Thursday, August 24th 


Calling all Colorado Members - co-work together at Founder Central in Boulder! Take the day to enjoy the unique energy of working alongside other Front Range startuppers every third Thursday of the month. Register here

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